• Search for beauty products or innovative skincare natural and live? Dairyface!
    hand and body moisturizer

    A luscious and nourishing hand and body moisturizer that your skin will eat up.

    Start with fresh, ultra-thick, high-quality cream from pasture-raised cows, add some healing and aromatic natural oils...and that's about it.

  • Search for beauty products or innovate skincare natural and live? Dairyface!
    nourishing facial refresher for face + body

     No more disguising those beautiful eyes
    with shades and circles and deepening lines

    spread some vitality all around your peepers
    and say so long to day-walking sleepers

    moisten and tighten and brighten your light
    by using Eye Caramba in the morning or night.

  • Search for organic skincare or facial treatment natural and live? Dairyface!
    nourishing facial refresher for face + body

     Our mission is simple - it's really a hoot
    to help you celebrate your happy birthday suit

    for your knees and toes, elbows and nose
    and all the places the sun never goes

    this allover scrub will soften your skin
    and wash away its cellular sin

    so spread the joy one part at a time
    and invite your body to feel simply divine

  • Refrigerated skincare products are natural beauty | Green Tea Magic
    nourishing facial refresher for face + body

     Unmask your beauty with this simplest of spells
    and see what it's like to jingle like bells

    indulge your face with a stay-cation retreat
    but don’t forget your elbows and feet

    maybe you’ll sleep and dream of peace
    or dream you climbed some creamy peaks

    maybe you’ll awake in an Asian forest
    or dream you were an antioxidant-al tourist

  • Refrigerated skincare products is natural beauty | Lavender Lovely
    nourishing facial refresher for face + body

    Refresh your face that faces so much -
    from things like smog and frowns and such

    for skin that’s prone to oil and bumps
    exfoliate your skin until your spirit jumps

    the power of purple cannot be beat
    for cleaning, and preening and feeling complete

  • Dairyface is organic facial treatment natural and live! Beauty products for you!
    nourishing facial refresher for face + body
    Dipping in and chilling out
    that’s what this refreshing facial is all about
    spread this joy to your skin everywhere
    and indulge your body with blissful self-care
    this creme de la femme is a creamy dream
    so pamper your body and glow with esteem
Dr. Oz The Good Life
Beauty....from your Refrigerator!

Cosmetic Story

The video story  with Annie Leonard.



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