Life should be approached with a smile and a cheeky sense of whimsy.

When you're happy, you put your best face foward. And the world needs more happy faces.
So thats our passion - to spread joy - one dollup of Dairyface at a time.

Treating yourself well should be an indulgent joy.

Skincare should feel as delicious as the life you want to live.

Beauty is natural. And so are you. Nothing artificial should get between you and your natural beauty.

The beautifying, healthful properties of food shouldn't be limited to the stuff you put inside your body.

What we leave out of our products is as important as what we put in.

We celebrate all cultures, especially the live kind found in our products.

We believe that skincare product recipes should be made in a kitchen, not a lab.

We believe that cold is the next hot thing in skincare.

We're going to freshen up the skincare industry by using ingredients you can pronounce and find in nature.

We honor the beauty wisdom of generations past by offering our simple recipes today.

Go ahead, we dairyah to live your most delicious life!

Gama News
Beauty Mooscow... an interesting counterpoint to the more 'scientific...

Cosmetic Story

The video story  with Annie Leonard.



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