What is Dairyface?
Dairyface is the world's only skincare based on real refrigerated dairy products prepared especially for your skin, combined with natural oils and herbal ingredients that are literally good enough to eat.
Why do I need to take care of my skin everyday?
That means that your skin needs to be nourished daily in order to flourish. Dairyface provides your skin with a daily delicious treatment which repairs your skin. Your skin is alive so is our skincare!
Can I use Dairyface too much?
No, in fact, the more you use Dairyface the better.
Is it safe to use Dairyface?
It is very safe to use Dairyface! Unlike most skincare products sold today. Dairyface contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals...not even synthetic preservatives. Dairyface products have passed a 200 subject safety test, which means that the product is completely safe for your skin.
Can I eat Dairyface?
Even though Dairyface contains only natural food grade ingredients, it doesn't taste as good as it smells. We would save Dairyface for your face.
Is Dairyface a facemask?
Dairyface is a skincare line that contains facemasks, which we refer to as facial refreshers. You can find information about our nourishing facial refreshers on our website. Many other delicious products will come soon.
Does Dairyface need to be refrigerated?
Like milk and other dairy products, Dairyface is so fresh, it has to be refrigerated.
What is the shelf life of Dairyface?
Dairyface, as any other dairy product or very fresh and healthy food, has a short shelf life. Dairyface will last until the expiration date on the package, if kept in the fridge unopened.
How long will Dairyface last in the refrigerator once it's opened?
Dairyface is single serving, but our best recommendation is to use your own judgement. Simply looking at the product should give you an indication if it’s still good to use.
How long will Dairyface last if it is not opened and kept refrigerated?
Dairyface will last until the expiration date on the package, if kept in the fridge unopened. The expiration date is a good reference point for freshness, Dairyface should be safe to use for a few days after the expiration date as long as it smells good and doesn’t contain mold on the surface. But remember, we can only guarantee the best quality product until the expiration date.
Oh no! I left Dairyface out on the counter overnight. Is it safe to use?
If you forgot to put Dairyface in the fridge overnight, it won’t harm you if you use it again. However, it may contain a more sour smell.
Is your packaging recyclable?
You bet.
Does Dairyface test on animals?
No, No, No. All Dairyface products are first tested on Oksana and only then, by many other participants in different age groups.
How can I sell Dairyface in my retail store?
Please send your request to information@dairyface.com
What is Dairyface's return policy?
If your Dairyface products do not meet your expectations, you may return them for a refund within 14 days of the purchase date. We regret that your original shipping fee is not refundable. Email us using the ‘Contact Us’ to receive an RMA number, a Return Form, and instructions on where to send the product. Once we’ve received your product along with the Return Form, and original invoice, your purchase amount will be refunded. Refunds will only be made to the original purchaser of the products. Please note: Only products purchased from Dairyface.com are eligible for returns. If you have purchased your Dairyface from a retail location, it must be returned to its original point of purchase.
Are all Dairyface products hypoallergenic?
Dairyface products are not considered hypoallergenic, but they could contain ingredients which could irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin or any allergies, try Dairyface on a patch of your arm skin before using the product on your face.
Does Dairyface accept international orders?
We regret that we are unable to ship to Canada and International locations at this time but we are working to have Dairyface available for shipping to you as soon as possible.
What can I do if my skin feels uncomfortable with cold skincare products?
Our suggestion is to leave Dairyface on the counter for 20 minutes or more until the temperature of the product is comfortable for your skin.
Are Dairyface products gluten-free?
Yes, all Dairyface products are gluten-free.
How high is the pre and pro-biotics count in Dairyface?
Dairyface yogurt is fermented for more than 10 hours. This is one of the longest culturing periods of any yogurt on the market. Dairyface contains sufficient numbers of live bacteria and the selective prebiotics throughout its shelf-life to be of benefit for dermatological applications.
Sometimes when I open my Dairyface cup, there's a watery liquid on top. What is it and is it supposed to be there?
The watery liquid is water separated from milk in our yogurt platform and is common in the yogurt production process; its called whey and is a nutritious and valuable food for your skin with lots of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus dissolved in it. The liquid also contains soluble milk proteins which are nourishing to the skin. It should be stirred into your Dairyface yogurt-based refresher, before you apply it on your skin.
How many applications can I get out of one 2.5oz Dairyface cup?
That depends on the individual. When Oksana opens a 2.5oz container, she uses the whole container on her face, neck and decollage area. However, the rest of us typically get at least 3 - 5 applications. So, it really depends on how thick and where you apply your Dairyface.

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