Dairyface Testimonials

" Over all I would have to say it was a very pleasant experience in skin care . I especially loved the cooling feel in the very hot weather we had it was a lovely treat. I used the product at night and every morning when I woke up my skin felt so soft and not tight. My skin was softer, brighter and my pores got smaller. "
- Cindy 42, Victoria BC
" I would really love to try all your masks, I love them!!! "
- Danielle 27, Victoria BC
" I found that the nights that I used the mask when I went to bed my skin felt hydrated and my pours were clean. If I used the mask after I washed my makeup off I noticed that when I washed the mask off more makeup would come out of my pores, which was nice because then I knew my skin was completely clean and ready for night cream. I found that [Lavender Lovely] was very helpful in cooling skin, minimizing pour appearance, and working as a cleanser along with being an easy mask to use and rinse off. I enjoyed the scent and the feel of [Lavender Lovely] I cannot wait to see what other products [Dairyface] has to offer! "
- Micaela 18, Victoria BC
" Dairyface is fun. It has new fresh aromas, and the texture makes my skin feel delicious. I love the fresh natural aromas. Reminds me of walking through a farmer’s market where everything is natural and fresh. "
- Emily 20, Victoria BC

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