Dairyface Testimonials

" I found that the nights that I used the mask when I went to bed my skin felt hydrated and my pours were clean. If I used the mask after I washed my makeup off I noticed that when I washed the mask off more makeup would come out of my pores, which was nice because then I knew my skin was completely clean and ready for night cream. I found that [Lavender Lovely] was very helpful in cooling skin, minimizing pour appearance, and working as a cleanser along with being an easy mask to use and rinse off. I enjoyed the scent and the feel of [Lavender Lovely] I cannot wait to see what other products [Dairyface] has to offer! "
- Micaela 18, Victoria BC
" I've tried so many face care products, but DairyFace really made the difference for me. I saw a significant improvement in my normally oily face within two uses!!! It's refreshing and effective; I look forward to DairyFacing every night. "
- Lexi, 23, New York City NY
" I definitely loved my [Dairyface] experience. I liked the coolness of the product- very refreshing, and it improved the condition of my skin greatly. Sell it soon! "
- Hannah 20, Victoria BC
" I felt like I was nourishing my skin rather than taking away from it. A gentle experience. "
- Nicole 48, Victoria BC

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