Dairyface vs Yogurt

Dairyface Refreshers vs Yogurt

Both Dairyface and Yogurt are great ways to start and end your day. Actually, they are both great any time of day! However, Dairyface is different from edible yogurt in many ways. These include:

  • Dairyface products have undergone extensive safety testing for topical use on the skin, not so for commercial yogurt.
  • The proprietary production process that Dairyface developed maximizes the benefits of fermentation cultures for topical use.
  • The milk fat content in Dairyface, that your skin loves topically, is considerably higher than the edible yogurts on the market
  • Dairyface uses milk from grass fed cows to maximize Omega 3's.
  • The proprietary production process that Dairyface developed manages the acidity in our dairy platform to maximise its benefit to your skin.
  • The Dairyface proprietary incubation process ensures high counts of pre and pro-biotics that connect to native micro flora on the skin to target wrinkles, dryness and inflammation.
  • Fermentation of cultures is more than twice as long with Dairyface as traditional yogurt (like fine wine!) Dairyface is actually fermented for more than 10 hours. This is one of the longest culturing periods of any yogurt on the market. Dairyface contains sufficient numbers of live bacteria and the selective pre-biotics throughout its shelf-life to be of benefit for dermatological applications.
  • Dairyface uses a proprietary production process to maximize the benefits, for topical use on your skin, of the finest natural oils and herbs that complements the benefits of the ingredients in our fermented dairy platform.

So you see, although you could use edible yogurt on your skin, it's not really made to be used that way. Simply put, Dairyface has been specifically formulated to maximize the benefits of the yogurt, oils and herbs, for topical use on the skin.

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