patch test

for dairyface products

Why do I need to do a patch test?
To determine if your skin is compatible with Dairyface products. It’s just like
an allergy test you would do before trying any other product for the first time.

Which part of my skin should I do the patch test on?
You can perform a patch test on an inconspicuous area of the forearm, such as your inner wrist or elbow. Make sure to clean the skin of any other products!

How do I do a patch test?
Using a Q-tip or a cotton pad, apply a small amount of Dairyface to your elbow or inner wrist, and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Wash off and let the skin breath without applying any other products to it, avoid too much direct sunlight, and avoid getting the area wet while taking a shower.
After about 48 hours, check the area for signs of an allergic reaction to Dairyface. If you are allergic to our product these could include redness, flaking, irritation, or a skin rash to the area where the product was applied. Generally, if any changes to the area occur that means that the patch test is positive.

Now what?
When the skin patch is positive, avoid using the particular Dairyface product you applied. If you want to try a different Dairyface product, make sure to perform another patch test. However, if your skin feels and looks normal, you can now enjoy our facial refreshers on your face, neck, ears, feet, and any other part of your body that need TLC.

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