Oksana Panasenko
President and Founder
Dairyface founder Oksana Panasenko was born in Mary, Turkmenistan, an ancient city on Central Asia’s famed Silk Road. As a teenager, she developed a severe case of acne. When numerous doctors’ visits and conventional medicine failed to help, an elderly Turkmen woman introduced her to a traditional remedy made from fermented dairy and local herbs. In desperation, Oksana tried it and almost overnight her acne disappeared. She continued to use fermented dairy regularly on her skin and the acne never returned.
Several years later, Oksana, by then a Russian television personality, found that the studio’s harsh makeup irritated her skin. Once again, she turned to the remedy she had used as a teenager and her problems vanished. Soon other women at the network were asking for her beauty secrets. What first was a hobby soon became a passion as Oksana spent every spare moment searching Moscow’s markets for the herbs of Central Asia. It wasn’t long before Oksana realized that her true avocation was not that of a network executive but as a creator of natural skincare products.
Oksana began researching the use of herbs and fermented dairy for treating skin problems as well as for improving the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Her studies included the history of the topical use of food for treating skin over the past millennium as well as the research of Nobel Laureate Ilya Mechnikov and his work linking the longevity of certain cultures to their use of fermented dairy products. She visited herbalists and herb markets in Russia and Central Asia and over time developed her own recipes for skincare treatments.
Emigrating to North American in 2006, Oksana consulted with a world-class dairy microbiologist and cosmetic chemists. She applied for patents for her formulas, completed human safety trials and regulatory requirements and finalized relationships with dairy production partners.
The result is Dairyface.

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