Press Releases

  • 09/30/2013
    Beauty Mooscow Hand & Body Moisturizer
    Dairyface takes skin 'cream' to a whole new level with Beauty Mooscow!
  • 09/01/2013
    Oksana's Story
    Dairyface founder Oksana Panasenko was born in Mary, Turkmenistan, an ancient city on Central Asia’s famed Silk Road. As a teenager, she developed ...
  • 09/01/2013
    Dairy…On My Face?
    For thousands of years, beauty and personal care solutions were prepared fresh in kitchens to take advantage of the same vitality, beauty and health-promoting qualities associated with fresh, natural food.
  • 09/01/2013
    Dairyface Launches
    Milk has been prized as a beauty care ingredient for centuries, but unless you’ve got a timeshare on a Jersey cow, fresh-from-the-farm skincare products have been hard to come by—until now.

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